Monday, February 5, 2007

HIMSS and the Clinical Engineer (CE)

24x7 just published an article discussing the value of HIMSS to the CE (clinical engineer).

You can read it at: .

For more information about the IHE and how it is advancing the cause of healthcare, you can follow up at .

What does this have to do with risk management and eHealth?
The IHE recently published a risk management whitepaper that encourages CIOs and standards developpers within the IHE community to use risk management concepts when planning their eHealth solutions.
The intent was to send out the "old" method of planning technological solutions based on what vendors were selling and to bring in the "new" method of planning, identifying actual needs and opportunities (ie: positive risks) to meet those needs, and then prioritizing according to cost, impact (positive and negative impact to the community), and likelihood of success.

Hopefully once the IHE has operationalized this method of risk-aware planning, it will share it's lessons with the rest of the eHealth community. In the meantime, the IHE is an excellent place to begin eHealth project due to the maturity of it's processes and documentation.

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