Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wrong About Justen

OK. I was wrong. In yesterday's post about Whistleblowing I made some unkind and unsubstantiated comments about Justen Deal, the young man who blew the whistle on Kaiser Permanente's eHealth Record Management System. I just got off the phone with Justen who, in our hour long conversation, proved himself to be a quite mature and not-at-all arrogant person. He took his action after exhausting all other means of bringing problems with the system to the appropriate authorities and in full awareness of the consequences. Sorry Justen... please turn that smack into a pat on the back.

1 comment:

justen deal said...

I really appreciated speaking with you on the phone.

I really think, at some point in the future, looking back, we will recognize that the KP HealthConnect project could have benefitted greatly from a thorough and objective risk assessment.

Which leads me to.. If my (very strongly) believing we could have done a better job with more proper and competent planning is self-righteous, I suppose it's a label I can live with.

Nevertheless, thank you for the smack exchange program!

Take care,

justen deal