Friday, September 28, 2007

CHI Benefits Evaluation Framework

We usually associate risk with adverse events and negative consequences. Privacy and security breaches, project failure, plague and pestilence dominate our attention. But risk management techniques are also applied to the good things in life.... wealth and prosperity, reward and recognition. Consider your investment portfolio. Nothing in your portfolio is there to be lost. You recognize that there are risks, but you manage them. In fact... more risk, more reward.

But you need indicators to help determine if you're winning or losing. Like your investment portfolio we need to know what we want to achieve with our investments in eHealth, and indicators to mark progress or loss.

Canada Health Infoway has issued a technical report titled Benefits Evaluation Indicators - Technical Report, which provides a benefits evaluation framework and indicators for its primary investment lines which include diagnostic imaging, drug information systems, laboratory information systems, public health systems, telehealth systems and the interoperable electronic health record.

Its an important resource for those of you charged with demonstrating the value of eHealth investments.

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