Sunday, January 21, 2007

Risk is a Good Thing!

Let me start this blog by stating the risk is a good thing. With risk comes reward. Without risk we wouldn’t drive our cars, fly in airplanes or undergo lifesaving medical procedures. In order to enjoy the benefits of science and technology we have to acknowledge that there are risks. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes science and technology are unable to solve our problems.

But we’re not reckless either. We manage our risks. We obey the rules of the road. We submit to airport security checks. We give consent to risky medical procedures. We behave in a way that reduces the risk to a level acceptable to us personally and to our community.

With this as the premise, that risk is a good thing, lets turn our attentions to addressing the issues of risk in eHealth and figure out ways to manage the risks so that we can all benefit from the explosion in information services that promises to transform our health care systems.

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