Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Google and Microsoft..... Again

I don't usually publish links to the mass media because they tend to be sketchy in terms of accurate information and rarely contain any meaningful analysis (see my post Critical Reading) . Sometimes they mislead more than they inform.

However, yesterday's New York Times published an article titled Google and Microsoft Look to Change Health Care. Again, the article is really sketchy, but its worth reading to get a sense of where these two software behemoths may be headed with personal health records. It gives some clues as to what Google is putting into its prototype application, and some of the challenges that are likely to slow Google and Microsoft down.

Some of Google's prototype screenshots are showing up in the blog world. Check out the First Google Health Screenshots post from Google Blogoscoped.

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Michael Martineau said...

As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I spent the late 80's and half of the 90's in the ISP business. This work, plus my current job as an eHealth industry analyst, has led to considerable interest in what I am calling "Personal eHealth".

If you check out my blog (, you will find a discussion of the dual roles that individuals will play in managing their health: healthcare consumer and patient. IMHO, no matter what healthcare organizations do to engage their patients/customers using IT, consumers will increasingly turn to new third party intermediaries such as Revolution Health. This trend is not lost on google or microsoft and I predict that we will see both companies experiment with various healthcare related information products.

Michael Martineau
eHealth Practice Lead
Branham Group Inc.